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Prospective organizers of Special Sessions for I2MTC 2016 are invited to submit their proposals by August 10, 2015. Please send an email to the Special Sessions Chair, Ruqiang Yan, [email protected].

The Special Session proposal should include the title of the special session, a short presentation and motivation of the significance of the Special Session topic. Special Sessions should address a clear and specific topic relevant to the Conference scope. Special Session organizers are solicited to invite one author submitting an extended paper. This manuscript will undergo the regular review process but if accepted it will be given a double slot for oral presentation.

Each proposal will be carefully evaluated at the time it is received on the basis of its pertinence to the scope of the Conference and the scientific level. Once accepted, it will immediately be announced on the Conference website, and the session organizer will be welcome to promote it.

All manuscripts submitted to Special Sessions will undergo the regular revision procedure. The authors submitting papers will have the Special Session as a topic option in EDAS.

Depending on the number of contributions, Special Sessions will be organized within a track of both oral and poster sessions (in this latter case without extended presentation). Once the papers are accepted, the Special Session organizer will interact with the Conference organizers to put the session together.

Special Sessions

Download the detailed Special Sessions Brochure

Special Session 1: Six-Port and Multi-Port Technology for RF Sensing Applications

Special Session 2: Impedance Spectroscopy for Measurement and Sensor Solutions

Special Session 3: Advances in Industrial Tomography: Sensor design, Instrumentation, Image Reconstruction algorithms and Measurement 

Special Session 4: Advanced Measurement and Data Processing for Complex Engineering System Health Monitoring

Special Session 5: Navigation technologies and related applications

Special Session 6: Advanced Measurement and Instrumentation for NDT&E

Special Session 7: Instrumentation and measurement for improving quality, reliability and safety: new perspectives for research and industry

Special Session 8: Sensors and Instrumentation for Structural Health Monitoring

Special Session 9: Nanotechnology applications in Instrumentation and Measurement

Special Session 10: Smart Medical Devices for Diagnosis 

Special Session 11: Networking Measurement

Special Session 12: Wearable and Implantable Wireless Sensors for Healthcare

Special Session 13: Measurements for emerging power systems